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BEST EVER NEWS! - Our book "On Hunting" is available on amazon.ca and amazon.com... softcover, Kindle e-book, and Audible! They make a great gift!

Membership Renewals are due 15 December 2023. Members should have received several notices & reminders by now.

Junior Hunter Challenge - Was such a success, we have already been given very generous donations towards next year's prizes!

2024 Calendar will be built over the next several months - we already have some police agency bookings, and of course we'll soon be planning the dates for the Snowshoe & Shoots.

Courses of Fire for the OSA events will be updated and posted over the next few months. They are posted at the bottom of the events page.


Course of Fire Information

The Junior Hunter Challenge is complete for 2023. We'll be making some modifications for 2024 and will post on the Events page.

The M-Class course of fire has been updated (2023-07-04) to reflect the current practices.

Running Boar, Historical Military Rifle, Service Rifle (for bolt-action as well as other rifles), and our own "MOS" matches are also posted on the Events page. The MOS has been updated to reflect current practices, particularly the targets and taking the 'agony' timings out of the Agony Snap.


No Photos or Videos

We do not permit any photography at the MilCun Training Center. Our Range Officers will be watching for the use of any electronic image capture devices and will ask you to put such devices away. If you have questions about this policy, email OSA Secretary.


Support our Sponsors

Our links page shows all the sponsors and prize donors from our last full year of operations. Please support our sponsors as they support you!


Membership Renewals

Thanks to everyone who renew their memberships promptly! Both Scott and Linda appreciate having these done on time!


FaceBook Page

The Operational Shooting Association FaceBook Page is updated often... stay in touch for news and updates, including political and other items of interest to the OSA crowd. With the current battles going on in social media, we will do our best to continue our page on FaceBook. www.facebook.com/myosacanada

OSA Website 2023 OSA and MilCun Training Center (MilCun Marksmanship Complex)

The Operational Shooting Association Inc. (OSA) is incorporated as a not-for-profit under the laws of Ontario Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). MilCun (MilCun Training Center and MilCun Marksmanship Complex) is a licensed firearms business, offering range services, training, publications, consulting and gunsmithing to recreational and professional marksmen.