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Snowshoe & Shoot Left: February Snowshoe & Shoot, Snowbear gets some AR training

Right: March Snowshoe & Shoot, warmer weather and some sunshine
Snowshoe & Shoot
PESC Pistol Clinic Left: Affiliate PESC hosts a pistol clinic in April

Right: Club Challenge in May

Below: Women's Day at the Range
Club Challenge
Women's Day at the Range  Women's Day at the Range  Women's Day at the Range 
Moving Target Clinic  Left: Moving Target Clinic - Precision-Sniper Rifle

Right: Canadian Law Enforcement & Fire Games - let them eat burgers & sausages... and cake!

Canadian Law Enforcement & Fire Games 
National Service Conditions Championship Left: OSA-affiliate Toronto police team dominates the pistol matches at NSCC

Right: OSA team wins the precision-sniper team championship
National Service Conditions Championship
National Service Conditions Championship Left: Keith wins the service rifle championship

Right: LCol Wes Cunningham (OSA founding member) presents awards
National Service Conditions Championship
National Service Conditions Championship Left: Aaron wins the "catch-up" award (ask him about it!)

Right: Back home for the 3-gun championship
3-Gun Championship
Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge Left: Argyll Cup Stand 7 - water navigation

Right: Argyll Cup - boardwalk across the muskeg
Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge
Kubota tractor Left: Kubota arrives to help with range/road maintenance

Right: some of the many volunteers who keep things in repair around the ranges
Volunteers and Quid Pro Quo
Tories on Target fundraiser Left: Tories on Target fundraiser

Right: Aaron uses his kayak to check on the beaver dams on JD Pond
Kayak at JD Pond
First snow on MilCun pond Left: MilCun Pond after our first snowfall of the season

Right: All is calm... snowy yard in December

Below: Sunset on the range
All is calm
Sunset on the range

Snowshoe & Shoot Left: Snowshoe & Shoot, a road less traveled

Right: Pistol Clinic starts in the classroom
Pistol Clinic
Steel Challenge Clinic starts on paper targets Left: Steel Challenge Clinic starts with instruction on paper targets

Right: Guest Instructor Weekend provides some dynamic shooting
Guest Instructor Weekend
Work Party Left: Mike's work party paints the cabin

Right: Scott & Keith work with the tractor
Work Party
Work Party Left: Mike's work party reshingles the target shed with help from Dick

Right: Women's Day at the Range - shooting AR rifles
Women's Day at the Range
Women's Day at the Range Left: Women's Day at the Range - shooting pistols

Right: Women's Day at the Range, with the men of the club who helped
Women's Day at the Range
Lillies at the Cabin Left: Lillies bloom in front of the cabin

Right: Club Challenge - watching the moving target match
Club Challenge
Precision/Sniper Rifle Match Left: Precision Rifle Course & Match getting ready to shoot from 400m

Right: CLEF Games - a social moment with the sponsors and the scoreboard
CLEF Games
Operational F-Class Left: Operational F-Class shooting from 500m

Right: The OSA pistol team takes the top prize at NSCC
NSCC - OSA Pistol Team
OSA Trophy donated to NSCC Left: OSA trophy donated to NSCC... Keith won it for several years, Richard P for 2012

Right: Autumn in a blaze of glory at MilCun
Autumn at MilCun Training Center
Police Marksman Challenge Left: Keith tests the pistol portion of the Police Marksman Challenge

Right: Awards and prizes at the Police Marksman Challenge
Police Marksman Challenge
Argyll Cup - Stand 7 Left: Argyll Cup Stand 7 - Water Navigation

Right: Argyll Cup Stand 10 - Dash to the Finish
Argyll Cup Stand 10
Argyll Cup Competitors Left: Argyll Cup Competitors

Right: Argyll Cup staff (OSA volunteers!)
Argyll Cup Staff
Argyll Cup Marksmanship Champions Left: RCMP-2 team wins the "Capt Sean Gagnon" marksmanship trophy

Right: RCMP-1 team wins the Argyll Cup
Argyll Cup 2012 Champions
OSA Trophies Left: OSA is collecting a nice set of unique trophies

Right: After the OSA season is over, Linda gets her first archery buck
Linda's First Archery Buck
MilCun TS2 - Police Sniper Rifle with a Tactical Stock
Sneak preview... MilCun TS2 - the well-known MilCun sniper rifle in MDTTac's tactical chassis

Guest Instructor Left: Pistol Guest Instructor weekend Operational Pistol
Right: Operational Pistol Match
Operational Pistol Match Left: Club Challenge  
Right: Police Tactical Match 
Precision/Sniper Rifle  Left: Precision/Sniper Rifle   Service Rifle 
Right: Service Rifle 
The Shelby Trophy  Left: Keith and "The Shelby" trophy, the top award at the Hunters Match  Long range portion of the 3-gun match 
Right: The long-range portion of the 3-Gun Championship 
Police Marksman Challenge  Left: Police teams wait their turn for the tactical rifle portion of the Police Marksman Challenge  Women's Day at the Range 
Right: Tactical Rifle portion of Women's Day at the Range 
Tactical F-Class Match  Left: Tactical F-Class Match - Range Officer watches downrange while shooter waits his turn to shoot  Torries on Target 
Right: "Torries on Target" Fundraiser - our local MP adjusts the scope
  Wintertime on the range  Left: Wintertime on the range  


  Left: Our annual Snowshoe & Shoots (one each month of January, February and March) are great favorites with the club members and a good time to invite guests along.  
 Right: The 600 meter range is a great place to practice the OSA Operational Sniper course of fire, as well as the NSCC Sniper (Precision) Rifle course of fire.
   Left: Maple Tree Range supports pistol matches as well as tactical rifle events. Here the kneeling position is demonstrated.  
 Right: With a careful set-up we can shoot scenario-based pistol matches on our conventional pistol range.
 We also enjoy shooting steel targets, just for fun and with the complete set up for the American-style Steel Challenge     


OSA had a most enjoyable 2009... a very full schedule with 15 scheduled practice days, 6 clinic days and 19 match days, as well as special events to which OSA members were invited.

The cabin (aka classroom, aka clubhouse) in winter.  
On a warm winter's day, Keith sets up to test loads through the chronograph. He's firing from 300 meters so we can later measure the groups produced by each load at that distance.    
  As winter fades, the March Snowshoe & Shoot often becomes a "Boot & Shoot". 
Spring "work crew" installs a new flagpole and puts up a wind flag on the 600-meter range.  
Here, the work crew puts in a crib for a safety flag in the butts.  
We always have a good turnout for our pistol clinics in the spring.    
Roadwork is an ongoing job, with over 4 kms of passenger-vehicle roads, about 10 kms of tractor-ATV roads and many walking trails. Here, we've re-routed a section of road to improve the curves-to-hills ratio.
Jack's marvellous hi-ho pretty much built all of our ranges. Here he is clearing the ground for our new "home on the range".    
The ranges and roadsides always need mowing and so this year MilCun bought a "new" sidebar mower to improve the process.  
Tactical/service rifle is an important part of the OSA program and many OSA members also compete at national events like NSCC and CLEFG.    
  At the end of the match, the tractor is poised to take targets back to the target shed.
Here a shooter awaits the signal to run to the next mound as part of a service rifle match.
  And they're off!  
Scoring targets in the butts.  
NSCC pistol match at Connaught Ranges. OSA members compete and they help run the matches.  
Many of the OSA clinics start with some time in the classroom.    
  At a clinic, the shooters get their rifles zeroed at 100 meters.  
The clinic participants also learn about their role in the butts so that they will be "competition-ready".  
  Shooting positions from 100 meters.  
Range briefing is given before we start.  
    Shooting from 300 meters.
At Nationals, OSA President is chaired from the range, having won the service rifle championship.  
  OSA member competes in the NSCC pistol matches. 
Back home, Keith wins a medal at an OSA match.  
  Yes, this is a full-size Greyhound bus parked in the backyard at the cabin... yes, he drove that bus all the way in on our 2-wheel track... and all the way out, too!  
The competitors at the Police Marksman Challenge get ready for the morning range briefing.    
The competitors prepare to go up on the mound for sniper competition.  
  OSA Women's Day - after some classroom training, the participants go out in the yard to do some "dry work" with their coaches.  
The women take their first few live shots, each with a coach standing by to help.  
  The CRO makes sure everyone is having a good, safe time.  
Once the women are confident with their paper target shooting, they join the men on the steel range.  
  Here, Keith watches while one of the women shows what she learned today.  
Beautiful autumn weather gives us a chance to fit in one more OSA scenario-style match before the year-end.  



OSA hosted 30 days of shooting, including practices, clinics and matches. OSA members also helped to run the National Service Condition Championships as well as the Canadian Forces Small Arms Competition.

Left: January Snowshoe & Shoot... a winter wonderland.
Right: February Snowshoe & Shoot... beautiful sunny day with morning crystals frosting the trees in Maple Tree Range!
Left: February Snowshoe & Shoot... still beautiful and sunny as we work our way back on the 600-meter range.
Right: March Snowshoe & Shoot... another beautiful day and still lots of snow!
March Snowshoe & Shoot... the sun is already starting to fade as we are still out in the late afternoon.
There's nothing like a toboggan ride, especially when Daddy does all the pulling!  
Early spring pistol matches... the scenario-style match is very popular. Simple props make it easy to set up the matches, yet still provide challenge for the shooters.   
Below: Traditional relay matches provide an opportunity to test skills, and give all the competitors a chance to shoot lots.
Left: A team photo at the venue entrance.   
Right: Winning shooters have their medals presented at their job site... with their big bosses there to congratulate them.  
Left: The guys set up Linda's new cannon!   
Right: Pistol Guest Instructor weekend... some classroom training.   
Left: Pistol Guest Instructor weekend... range briefing.   
Right: Pistol Guest Instructor weekend... range training.    
Left: OSA May service rifle match at Connaught - range briefing.
Right: OSA May service rifle match at Connaught... on the mound.
Left: OSA May service rifle match at Connaught... scoring in the butts.  
Right: OSA May service rifle match at Connaught... Keith presents awards.
OSA May service rifle match at Connaught...
Left and center: Keith presents awards;
Right: OSA member Capt Brooks presents awards.
Left: OSA July match at Connaught... pistol matches on "A" range.   
Right: OSA July service rifle match at Connaught... in the butts.    
OSA July service rifle match at Connaught... Keith presents awards.    
Right: OSA August match at Connaught... Keith presents awards.
Above: Linda displays her target... the black spots show the group fired from 600 meters with her hunting rifle (operational sniper match conditions) using factory ammo. 


In our first full year of operations, OSA offered a full schedule of practices, training clinics and matches.

During the winter months, we offered a series of "Snowshoe and Shoot" practices. The participants met at the driveway parking area at MilCun Marksmanship Complex and snowshoed in to the ranges. Most of the participants thoroughly enjoyed the 7 kms of cross-country snowshoeing (carrying their firearm, ammo, lunch, water and personal kit) and some vowed to spend a little more time on the treadmill getting ready for next year!

Pistol clinics and matches are always well attended. The matches are operationally oriented and are designed to develop the skills you need to shoot action-style matches.

Service conditions shooting is popular among both the CF and civilians (although we notice that many of the civilians are ex-military!). Here, one of the unit rifle teams practices some kneeling at Maple Tree Range.

Precision/sniper rifle is also popular among OSA members, especially when it is part of a 3-gun match.

The tactical carbine match was a popular event. Shooters used a wide variety of equipment, but the advantage went to the folks with the best marksmanship skill.

The Saturday night BBQ is becoming a great tradition at OSA. The menu varies, but often includes game meat and always includes a great selection of desserts!



OSA began in 2006 and operated a limited schedule of practices, training clinics and matches.

OSA was born 07 April 2006 and our first event was the Pistol Clinic later that month.

Our first big match was the 3-Gun Match in September 2006, and this was the first opportunity anyone had to win the coveted OSA medals and dog tags.

At the service conditions championship, the first ever OSA participation badges were given out.

In October, an OSA founding member delivered a Davis Brown tractor to the gate for our use in range maintenance. Since it's quite a bit bigger than the little Massey we had been using, it was a welcome addition to the "fleet" - thanks, Scott! 


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