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Is OSA a CFO-approved club? Yes, we were approved in June 2006.
Does my OSA ATT allow me to go to other ranges? Yes, our ATTs specify all CFO-approved ranges in Ontario PLUS on request, all Canadian Forces Bases in Ontario. Note that while the 2015 federal legislation assigned the authority to transport to your firearms licence, there are two important distinctions you need to be aware of. The first is that your firearms licence does NOT include Canadian Forces Bases and you'll still need an ATT to take a restricted firearm there. The second is that the authority of your firearms licence allows you to transport only the firearms that are registered to you (not all of the ones that are registered to your dwelling).
Does my club ATT allow me to go to OSA? Yes, if your firearms licence (or existing club ATT) specifies that you can go to all CFO-approved ranges in Ontario, you can come to OSA events. If your club ATT does not have that specification, you can apply to the CFO for a special ATT to go to other clubs, including OSA.
Do I need an invitation? You can attend MilCun Training Center if you are registered for an OSA event (or other scheduled event). If your ATT says you need an invitation, you can use the OSA event schedule or your Eventbrite ticket.
Where exactly is MilCun? MilCun is between Kinmount and Minden, Ontario. People who register for an OSA event at MilCun will be sent joining instructions and exact directions.
Is OSA not-for-profit? OSA is a not-for-profit company incorporated under the laws of Ontario.
What is the relationship between OSA and MilCun? MilCun is a range operator. MilCun ranges are primarily used by MilCun Training Center; they are also booked by the military, police agencies and other commercial organizations.OSA is a club. OSA (and other clubs) use MilCun as their home range.
Can I have a key to the gate and shoot anytime I want? OSA events are scheduled at the MilCun range just as they are at Connaught or any other military or commercial range. If you want a club that operates on a "key to the gate" basis, we recommend our neighbor, the Haliburton County Marksmen Club or the nearby Bancroft Fish and Game Club (see our Links page).


More questions?

If you have any questions you would like answered, contact OSA.


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The Operational Shooting Association Inc. (OSA) is incorporated as a not-for-profit under the laws of Ontario Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). MilCun (MilCun Training Center and MilCun Marksmanship Complex) is a licensed firearms business, offering range services, training, publications, consulting and gunsmithing to recreational and professional marksmen.