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COVID ANNOUNCEMENTS revised 28 June 2021 - visit the Home page for details

2021 OSA Events - Calendar of events

Full 2021 calendar  updated 2021-06-15

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The Course of Fire documents are NOW available. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see all the downloadable pdf files.

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If you're new to OSA, make sure you email us for a copy of the OSA event Joining Instructions before you come. 

All participants at OSA events must have "liability insurance for all shooting activities" which is a benefit of membership in organizations such as the CSSA, CCFR, and NFA.



OSA focuses on three types of firearms:

  • Pistol (duty, service, operational),
  • NEW service rifle coming soon, and
  • OSA Operational-style precision/sniper rifle.

For practices and clinics, the participants may use any equipment that they would like that's legal for the range. For competitions, in general terms, the equipment is required to be operationally oriented, either the kind of thing that is currently used by military or law enforcement, or that could reasonably be used by them. Anyone who wants to shoot a match with other equipment is welcome to shoot for honors only.

OSA Events - Descriptions

2021 Winter Events - January to March

OSA Snowshoe & Shoots - We meet at the driveway parking area at the MilCun Training Center and snowshoe in to the ranges. You must be fit enough and properly dressed to enjoy about 7 kms of cross-country snowshoeing. You will need to carry your firearm and ammo, as well as all personal kit (such as lunch and water) for the day.

2021 Spring Events - April to June

OSA Spring Events focus on clinics, and usually include the Pistol Clinic, Holster Course, Long-Range Clinic, and any other qualification clinics, as well as Long-Range Rifle Practices, Long-Range M-Class Practices, NEW Service Rifle Practices, Service/Operational Pistol Practices, OSA Operational Precision/Sniper Practices.

MilCun Training Center is very busy in the spring with police courses and police agency custom courses and range rentals, so our civilian courses get started in July with the MilCun Enhanced Rifle Courses. Details will be posted at www.milcun.com.

Brake Tactical Training Solutions is also offering at the MilCun Training Center several one- and two-day courses in shotgun, pistol and long rifle. For details, see www.tacticaltrainingsolutions.ca

Keith teaching a course in the OSA clubhouse Women's Day at the Range 2012

2021 Summer Events - July and August

OSA Summer Events usually include more practices and some matches. More details as we get our schedule fleshed out.

Please note that OSA is no longer going to provide training specifically for the NSCC matches. We'll continue to hold the OSA Operational Pistol events (on which the NSCC pistol matches are based) but we will not adopt any of their new changes. Similarly, we will not be following NSCC service rifle changes, instead we have remodeled our program to suit bolt-action service rifles. (Semi-automatic service rifles that are restricted or non-restriced are welcome to join in.) We will no longer be following the NSCC Precision/Sniper matches, instead we'll offer Operational Sniper Matches of our own and OSA Operational M-Class (details to follow).

A favorite OSA event, the Canadian 3-Gun Championship (C3GC) is likely going to be rebuilt as the Canadian 2-Gun Championship (C2GC) so that our off-duty and retired members can bring personal equipment to the match. If the CCFR is successful in getting an injunction against the implementation of the OIC, we'll reconsider. This event is open to police, military, armed security, and emergency services personnel.

MilCun Training Center is planning to run the Enhanced (Long-Range) Rifle Skills course in July. For details will be posted at www.milcun.com.

   NSCC Sniper (precision) match at Connaught
   NSCC Pistol Matches 2010
NSCC Sniper (Precision) Matches 2010 

2021 Autumn Events - September and October

OSA Autumn Events usually include the Tories on Targets (a fundraiser for our local MP), Long-Range Rifle Practices, and various OSA championships. 

The Argyll Cup has become one of the most respected challenges in the police/military sniper world and it is our OSA volunteers (and the "friends of OSA" volunteers) who make it what it is. Once you've been here, you'll know we really mean it when we say, "We can only do it because of you." We hope to be able to host this important training event in 2021.

For MilCun Training Center police courses, see www.milcun.com.

Police sniper in position for the Argyll Cup  Hunter Marksmanship Course 2010 

Match Descriptions - Downloadable pdfs


Hunter's Challenge Course of Fire (Match Description)

OSA CoF - 2021 Hunter's Challenge - 2021-04-15


Pistol Match Descriptions

OSA CoF - 2021 Operational Pistol Matches - 2021-05-17

OSA CoF - 2021 Pistol Speed Challenge Rules - 2021-04-14   

OSA Cof - 2021 Pistol Speed Challenge Layouts - 2021-04-14


Tactical Rifle Match Descriptions

With the federal government Order in Council published on 01 May 2020, our tactical rifle matches are suspended at this time.  


NEW OSA Service Rifle Match Descriptions

OSA CoF - 2021 Service Rifle - 2021-04-14

With the federal government Order in Council published on 01 May 2020, our service rifle matches have been changed. Many AR-style rifles are now prohibited, so we will be modifying the matches to enable the use of bolt-action and other styles of rifles. Match trials and tests were held during 2020. The matches and rules were reviewed by our working group. We've scheduled several Service Rifle practices and a Championship in 2021. These events will be governed by the new rules.

For reference only: 2016 NSCC Rule Book


NEW M-Class Rifle Match Descriptions

OSA CoF - 2021 M-Class - 2021-06-21

We are adding M-Class rifle! It's all prone, deliberate fire at 300, 400, 500, and 600 meters. It'll be "Bisley style" with two or three shooters firing in turn on a bullseye target. .  


NEW "MOS" (MilCun Operational Sniper) Match Descriptions

OSA CoF - 2021 OSA MOS - 2021-06-28

We've redesigned our precision/sniper matches and they've been reviewed by our working group. There are matches at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 meters. We've included movers, snaps of various types, and deliberates.


NEW Running Boar Match Descriptions

OSA CoF - 2021 Running Boar Challenge - 2021-04-15

We're introducing the Running Boar event into the OSA program. Our OSA weeknight group has thoroughly tested and enjoyed these matches. The course of fire is all moving targets from 25, 50, and 75 meters.

We're going with two classes:

  • Hunting Class - Any rifle of a caliber larger than .223 cal that would be logical and practical to hunt wild boar.

  • Smallbore Class - Any rifle from 17 cal to and including 223 cal, that would be considered too small to ethically hunt wild boar.


OSA Website 2021 OSA and MilCun Training Center (MilCun Marksmanship Complex)

The Operational Shooting Association Inc. (OSA) is incorporated as a not-for-profit under the laws of Ontario Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). MilCun (MilCun Training Center and MilCun Marksmanship Complex) is a licensed firearms business, offering range services, training, publications, consulting and gunsmithing to recreational and professional marksmen.